6 can be a tricky age when it comes to parents finding an appropriate learning game for their child. Many 6 year olds will have developed their minds to the point where educational tools targeted at toddlers will no longer be adequate. Meanwhile, tools aimed at 10 year olds will be a bit too advanced. Luckily MentalUP has provided a number of useful educational games for this age bracket. They include the following:

Dwarf Giant

Players control the height of a fun purple monster. A voice will prompt them to turn it into either a dwarf or giant. The main focus of this game is developing the reaction control of children.

Candy Match

Kids who love Halloween are sure to enjoy Candy Match. Out of all the learning games for 6 year olds featured on MentalUP, Candy Match is the one that encourages repetitive play the most. A grid of multicolour candies appears on screen. The player must click on the color that is most prominent. This involves counting the amount of each color in order to determine the dominant one.

Track the Ball

To beat this game the child will need to give it all of their visual attention and have a good short term memory. A ball is placed in one of three cups. They are then shuffled. The player has to click on the cup containing the ball. This ends up being both fun and challenging. Even adults can enjoy it.

Match-Up Game

A selection of different picture cards flash up on screen. This includes monsters, athletes, backpacks, bowties, candy, vehicles and patterns. The player then needs to remember which ones appeared. It is the perfect game for developing the short term memory of 6 year olds. The graphic design of the pictures is very impressive and engaging.