Parents looking for educational games aimed at 10 year olds will not be disappointed with MentalUP. They offer brain training and mind exercises designed to develop the minds of young people. Here are some of the games specifically aimed at 10 year olds:

Missed Ball

A ball is placed in one of three cups. These are then shuffled around. The aim of the game is to track the cup containing the ball and click on it. It is based on the popular street game. Missed Ball will help young people to focus their visual attention, an important skill for later life.

Find The Word

Other key skills include visual recognition and spelling. Find The Word focuses on developing these. This is one of the learning games for 10 year olds recommended on the official MentalUP blog. An image is segmented and jumbled up. The player needs to recognize what the image is and spell it out. A timer is in place to ensure the game has the undivided attention of the child. Overall it is both challenging and fun. It is likely that kids will want to play it over and over again.

Sudoku Game

Sudoku has become very popular with adults in recent years. It can also be used to help kids improve their math abilities. The aim of the game is to write the numbers 1 to 9 in 9×9 squares.

Triangle Game

MentalUp also recommends a number of two player games that can be enjoyed at home. This includes the Triangle Game, which involves taking it in turns to draw lines on dotted paper. If the player manages to make a triangle they gain a point. The player who makes the most triangles by the end is the winner. This game requires children to think strategically in order to predict the moves of their opponent.