In the past video games were not usually considered to be productive for young people. Instead they were looked down upon as mere distractions. However, the fact is that gaming can be utilized as a very useful educational tool. If parents allow their child to play the right games it can help them to develop important skills. There are numerous reasons why educational games are so effective.

Engaging Visuals

In order to educate children it is important the kid pays as much attention as possible. This can be done with interesting visual elements such as animation and eye catching color schemes. Game designers will need to be skilled in graphic design and know the various techniques to create engaging visuals.

Recognizable Characters

Children will often engage more with a piece of media that contains elements that they already know. This is why game spinoffs of programs are so popular. A good example of this is the Sesame Street game which features several recognizable characters from the TV show. The child will keep their eyes on the screen as these characters relay important information to them.

Undivided Attention

One of the problems with more traditional media such as educational television programs is that the audience is passive. They may therefore not always give their undivided attention. In contrast, a child gamer will be playing an active role because they are interacting with the game. This ends up making the experience much more immersive.


The internet has transformed the ways that people can communicate with each other. An educational game could have multiplayer elements where gamers can chat with each other. The game may also send results to a teacher or parent. That way they will be able to better understand the progress of the child. Games may also allow teaching authorities to interact with one another.