It is a common misconception that the internet is nothing but a waste of time and a distraction from work. The reality is that there are plenty of educational tools to be found online. MentalUP is filled with learning games for children of all ages. It is never too early to introduce kids to these games as it will teach them to use their screen time productively. Here are some of the best MentalUP games aimed at 4 year olds:


This game is ideal for parents who want to develop their child’s visual and aural memory. The images and sounds of different instruments appear on screen. The child is then prompted to recognize each one. It is perfect for introducing young ones to music.

Face Recognition

Facial recognition is an important skillset to learn in order to excel at social interaction. Playing a game that lets toddlers practice this skill can be very useful. This is one of several learning games for 4 year olds recommended on the official MentalUP blog. Faces and names flash up on screen. The child has a few seconds to memorize each one. They then have to put a name to each face.

Spot The Difference

Spot The Difference is focused on visual attention and comparison. Several seemingly identical images are shown and the child must click on the one that is different to all of the others. A timer counts down, making this game a little harder than some of the others. However, this in turn will ensure the game has their undivided attention.

Number Balls

A timer also features in this game. Three tubes with numbered and colored balls are shown. They need to be placed in the right order. This will help to develop the players scanning, comparison and problem solving skills.