Some stocked shelves at Samaritan Outreach, supported by St. Mary’s (Hillsboro).

ECSF is a supporting foundation of the Diocese of Southern Ohio, and a major source of grants for congregational ministries working to help our Ohio neighbors overcome several life challenges. Our budget comes from the generous donations of fellow Episcopalians. Grants are awarded based on the total amount donors have given, and the Board’s assessment of the ministry making the request.

It is ECSF’s mission to inspire and support each other in the living out of our Baptismal Covenant through active, generous, and committed congregations and their outward-looking ministries. 

Click here for a list of ministries supported in 2019

Please click the following links for 2020
grant application materials!

2020 Application Instructions

2020 Grant Request Data Parts I & II

2020 Application Part III for Requests Under $1,000

2020 Application Part III for Requests Over $1,000

We’d be glad to discuss your project with you before you apply, to answer your questions, and to share ideas from other ministries working on similar issues. If at any time you need help or have questions about the application or process, it’s easy to start the conversation by emailing the Rev. Terri J. Thornton at or calling 513-421-0311 or 800-582-1712 x130.